Even better than DSLR

Even better than DSLR

Varlens has redesigned the interaction of photography. Almost all the functions are arranged on the main interface, so that you can control them all when you shooting.

Break Through

Varlens breaks through the limitations of smartphones, allowing manual setting of parameters such as ISO, shutter speed, EV, White balance, and focal length, which are only available in DSLR, to shoot visually impactful images.

Break Through

Cinema-level LUT

Varlens introduces 3D LUT, a color grading technology used in the cinema industry. It even allows you import your own LUT files (.cube) to create unique images.

4K Max

4K MAX Ultra RES

Varlens tries to maximize the capabilities of smartphones. It can shoot 4K Max video (supported on iPhone X and above). The single-frame is clearer than 4K.

DSLR-Level Metering

Supports Automatic, Multi-segment and Spot metering. Varlens even supports the separation of the metering point and the focus point, allowing you to shoot visually impactful images.

10bit HDR Video

Supports 10bit HDR video recording, such as Dolby Vision, HLG, HDR10. Capture up to 700 million colors with exceptionally vivid images.

10bit HDR Video

12bit ProRAW + RAW

Support 12bit ProRAW and Bayer RAW photo, which all have wide dynamic range, very high quality and full detail.

10bit HDR

Other Functions

Draggable Metering Point
After locked AE / AF, you can drag metering point to other position.
Auto, Standard, Cinematic stabilization to obtain very stable video images.
Advanced Wide Color Space
Support P3, BT2020, advanced high dynamic wide color gamut.
Auxiliary tools
Zebra stripes and grids can help exposure and framing.
Privacy Protection
Do not record your location information, protect your privacy.
Humanity Design
Convenient for left-handed and right-handed users.

Designed by Aura Marker Studio

Varlens was originally designed and developed by several friends who have accumulated decades of experience in digital image processing, user experience design, mobile Internet software, and artificial intelligence. They're trying to dig deep into the smartphone's ability to make mobile photography comparable to professional cameras such as DSLR.

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